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Email Marketing

In the world of interactive marketing, staying top of mind is key—especially for existing customers. Maintaining business relationships is always less expensive than acquiring new ones, and paying less for the same return is always better than paying more. That’s some sort of law or something.

That’s why we encourage the age-old art of email marketing. Email marketing allows you to maintain consistent communication with customers, keeping them up-to-date, and encouraging interaction with your brand on a regular basis. By doing this you will encourage repeat business from your existing base of relationships.

eBlasts & eNewsletters

Email marketing generally exists in two forms: eBlasts and eNewsletters.

  • eBlasts: These are frequent, short email messages, to keep your brand in front of the reader’s eye. These messages are often used to announce time sensitive information such as contests and special deals, as well as delivering short pieces of consumable content.
  • eNewsletters: Less frequent than eBlasts, this tactic is generally delivered on some regular interval—weekly, monthly, etc—and is significantly longer than the eBlast. This tactic allows you to keep readers updated on the latest news within your company or organization, as well as providing another opportunity to deliver consumable content.

Email marketing is equal parts art and science and you need a team of professionals to help you craft a piece that is engaging and effective. Our experienced team of writers, designers, and HTML programmers will make your email marketing look like TS Elliot, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Mark Zuckerberg collaborated to personally email your entire address book. McD Digital will develop an email marketing campaign that not only delivers a high open rate, but encourages action.

Contact us today, and let us develop the email marketing plans you’ve been dreaming of.

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