Social Media Marketing

In the world of online marketing, traffic is your friend. There’s an unending conversation about your brand going on and you need to be part of it. You want people to “like” you on Facebook, “follow” your Tweets and “find” you on YouTube. You want them visiting your website... and then continuing to come back for more. But how do you get them there?

McD Digital gives you tips on how to incorporate today’s most popular social media sites and make connecting with your target markets seem like second nature. We will help you understand the ins and outs of online marketing by:

  • Developing a social media marketing plan with specific target audiences and goals… such as opt-ins to your e-newsletter resulting from interaction with your social media channels and postings on other channels.
  • Setting up social media channels including blogs.
  • Creating an action plan for updates including assigning tasks to team members.
  • Developing YouTube videos (our award-winning creative team can work wonders).
  • Monitoring related social media channels and recommending posts that drive traffic to your channels and main website.
  • Follow your online reputation and recommend plans of action for both positive and negative posts.
  • Measuring, measuring, and more measuring.


There’s a debate going around; should I do social media or should I not? Is there really a return on investment? Simply put; you should. And there is. The question isn’t whether or not to do social media, but really, what kind of social media to do.

What works for healthcare might not work for tourism or consumer products. The key is to know where your customers are, and how to market yourself in those social media spheres. McD Digital can help you determine what forms of social media are best for your industry and develop a strategy to align with your goals.

Let’s take a look at just 10 of the top social media available and how they might be used within a marketing strategy.

  • LinkedIn: When it comes to B2B marketing, no one bests LinkedIn; unparalleled opportunity to connect with business-minded individuals. LinkedIn offers the chance for B2B companies to deliver content, right to its target audience.
  • Google+: Similar to Facebookasaurus, Google developed its own social sphere with Google+. All the benefits of its contemporaries to disseminate content through a vast ocean of users, but Google+ took it one step futher; “Google Hangouts.” It’s an opportunity to start a live conversation, over the internet, with your followers. All the benefits of a trade show unveiling, right at your computer, and no one has to pay an entrance fee. Now that’s a novel idea.
  • Twitter: Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a conversation about your brand? Oh happy day, Twitter’s made that possible. No longer are you doomed to be a faceless organization. Twitter gives you the opportunity to see how you’re being talked about and positioned. More than that, Twitter gives you a personality and a voice to remind the world that there are real people behind your organization.
  • Facebook: The Legend. The Trailblazer. The Facebook. Facebook is where this all began, and though the playing field has grown, Facebook is still at the front of the pack. Unbeatable potential for exposure, opportunities to host contests, distribute content, and engage in conversation with customers make Facebook a necessity for the successful marketing strategy.
  • YouTube: Offering easily consumable content, YouTube delivers videos on demand to viewers. At 2.9 billion hours spent on YouTube per month, there’s a lot of opportunity for your content to be reached by viewers and go viral. Ability to share, link, and piggy back off other videos by using keywords make this an appealing marketing tactic. And if that’s not enough, these videos can be embedded easily into your website to increase time spent on your pages.
  • Slideshare: This media gives users the opportunity to deliver engaging PowerPoint presentations to interested parties, sans people falling asleep in your boardroom. In other words, it’s a social opportunity to produce good, sharable content.
  • Pinterest: Quickly becoming one of the largest social media sites, Pinterest provides users the opportunity to share infographics, pictures of work, and any number of visual content, linking to the corporate owner. The ability to share content easily by “pinning” to a related “board” will drive traffic to your Pinterest page and ultimately your website. For industries such as tourism, Pinterest is an ideal media. When a user starts her first “Vacations<3” board, your images are getting pinned like a high school girl in the 60’s.
  • Instagram: Like Pinterest, Instagram is visually focused. Users can utilize Instagram to take, edit, and post photos instantly to other social media platforms. As part of a marketing strategy, it allows customers to stay in the know about what your company is doing, products, and anything else still enough for a picture. It’s an instantaneous means of promotion, and compliments other social media components.
  • Foursquare: For local businesses and tourism destinations, Foursquare will send suggestions via its mobile app to potential visitors, based on preference and likes. It also allows individuals to check in when they’ve visited a specific business or location, ultimately referring friends to do the same.
  • Tumblr: A glorified blogging site, Tumblr allows you to post original, consumable content. You can also gather relevant information from your industry and collect it within your page. Both will drive traffic to your Tumblr page, portraying you as an expert and source of valuable information for your field.

And these are just to name a few! The world of social media is changing rapidly every day. You need a team on your side, to help you monitor the changes and leverage social media to stay ahead of your competition. Give us a call and let us be that team.

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