Digital Team

Strategists, programmers, designers, content creators, videographers, project managers, and more — McD Digital is ready to take your digital marketing efforts to the next level. 

Randy McDaniels

President/Account Executive

Randy has been immersed in all things marketing his entire life… his dad built this agency from the ground up. But taking over the family business didn’t come easy. Randy worked his way through the agency wearing the hat of copywriter, producer, media buyer and account executive before becoming President. His keen sense of industry trends helps him orchestrate his team in creating innovative, well-crafted messages that get results. But the end-product isn’t the only thing that’s important to him. Don’t be surprised if he calls you for lunch or simply checks to see how things are going (and if you caught last’s night game), because at the end of the day… it’s relationships that count.

Beth Geier

Vice President

Beth is back! Everyone thought she was awesome before, but now she’s armed with two additional decades in media planning, public relations, script writing, blogging, event coordination and more. That makes her the perfect person to jump in anywhere that our clients need! But don’t let her obsession with the Jonas Brothers fool you (yes, she and her daughters chased down Nick Jonas when the band was in Peoria rehearsing for its world tour… and yes there may have been homemade t-shirts that said “Future Mrs. Jonas”). That just shows off her creative side and a healthy mix of tenacity. She’s got her thumb on what is trending and works in the current market and will go out of her way to deliver the goods for our clients… even if it means chasing famous people.

Kate McDaniels Baumann

Marketing Consultant

Say what you will about her obsessive love of horses and need for Italian sandals… Kate is a true marketing genius. From her early designer days at McDaniels to a 30+-year run of leading marketing efforts for multi-million-dollar companies, Kate has come a long way from reading to a group of mesmerized chickens at her grandma’s house. Over the years her audience may have changed, but her ability to enthrall the masses hasn’t. Kate thrives on innovation, knows how to strategically attack projects and gain results, and loves helping B2B and B2C businesses exceed their goals. So bring us your marketing challenge and let Kate start working her marketing magic.

Lisa Marovec

Marketing Consultant

For Lisa, life is about doing what you love. So when we tell you she is the proud owner of a bazillion boots, has a guilt-free obsession with wine, and lives in her all-time favorite vacation spot – South Haven, Michigan, it’s okay to be a little envious. But take note. Her do-what-you-love outlook on life has also helped her make big waves in travel and tourism (Michigan waters pun intended). Every day, for the last 25+ years, Lisa has helped CVBs, restaurants, lodging properties and businesses capture attention, engage communication and inspire action. This includes work with Pure Michigan, South Haven MI CVB, the Western Michigan Tourism Association, and the Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers (CHART). Bottom line, Lisa’s passions come through in everything she does. She’s addicted to connecting people. She thrives on telling stories. And she can’t wait to help draw people to your brand.

Sarah Ruiz

Digital Director

A former Nancy Drew video game addict, Sarah has always loved solving a good mystery. So when she decided to put her quick wit and puzzle-piecing talents to use at McD Marketing, we knew she’d be able to help our clients crush their paid digital marketing goals. That’s because Sarah gets that conversations are happening all around us. Whether we’re addressing a hot-topic or creating awareness and interest about your brand, Sarah puts her critical-thinking, creative mind to work. She gets the right message in front of the right people at the right time. She’s also 100% authentic from the moment you meet her. Fair warning: while you should ask her about the journal she and her mom have been writing back and forth in since she was in kindergarten (#AllTheFeels), take a hard pass on her love for horrible Netflix horror films and Dr. Pimple Popper. There are some things in life you just can’t hashtag your way back from.

Shana Osborne

Digital Marketing Strategist

Shana may wish her superpower to be invisibility, but we’d have to disagree. How else would we witness her hidden talent of picking up pretty much anything with her toes? This girl has spunk and an adventurer’s spirit to rival even the toughest competition. Shana flawlessly blends fearless drive with a steadfast compassion that puts our current (and future) clients at ease. When she’s not busy making waves in the field, she’s caring for her sweet rescue pups Stormy and Luna! Shamelessly nostalgic for the 90s (aka our office’s self-proclaimed Rugrats Fan of the Decade), Shana understands the power of tradition without shying away from new strategies or techniques. A double major in Marketing Communications and Psychology, she’s a pro at reading the room and knowing the best approach to maintaining current relationships while successfully landing new client partnerships.

Shelly Masters

Account Manager

Career experience as timeless as her go-to movie (it’s Sweet Home Alabama for those wondering), Shelly has her finger on the pulse of the agency. A seasoned team player, she understands that organization, clear communication, and personal accountability are key ingredients to a successful relationship between her clients and her coworkers. And she’s mastered those skills (did ya catch that?) because after she absolutely rocks it here, she goes home to raise 5 kiddos! But, that’s not all! Like her favorite ice cream concoction, fudge swirl with a ton of different toppings, Shelly knows how to seamlessly blend her steadfast tenacity with her winning smile and positive energy. Her optimistic, outgoing, family-oriented, yet always-up-for-new-experiences disposition works tirelessly to ensure that our client’s always feel content and excited about their latest projects!

Kaitlin Hamilton

Creative Director

Creative chaos may be the best way to describe Kaitlin’s desk. And while perfectly ordered stacks and well labeled file folders may not be among her strongest skill sets, coming up with jump-off-the-page creative is. She has a raw eye for design that can’t be taught… instinctively making choices that deliver resonating results. Pair this talent with our seasoned creative team, and you end up with strategic, graphic communications that are fresh, exciting and sure to make a splash.

Jason Geiger

Art Director/Videographer

Whether he’s designing, editing video, coming up with the newest craze in mobile apps or carefully planning out his latest furniture design, Jason brings his love of craftsmanship to life in everything he does. Adept at taking raw ideas and materializing them into something extraordinary, this transmedia expert (and Lego extraordinaire) seamlessly builds your message across a variety of media for an even greater impact. Print, web, motion, photography, video and mobile apps... your target market will take notice and be asking you for more.

Rod Standley

Senior Art Director

With over 25 years of drawing pictures for a living (most of those at McDaniels), Rod is in his element on pretty much any project you send his way. He has designed everything from annual reports and newsletters to high-end ad campaigns and websites. He’s also a master illustrator, giving life to concepts, logo designs and more. Plus, thanks to the help of his trusty dart gun (which has been re-engineered for more power), Rod makes sure each project meets our clients’ marketing objectives… and has a little fun while he’s at it.

Jeff Wagnaar

Graphic Designer

Pluto space probes, TedTalks, couture jackets, immersive role-playing games and detailed miniatures you can paint. It may sound like a game of “one of these things doesn’t belong here.” In reality, it’s Jeff’s creative inspiration at work, and the reason his designs and illustrations have won numerous awards with their rad, one-of-a-kind feel. So whether he’s concepting a new brand design, coming up with a creative campaign that will rocket your marketing to warp speeds, or trying to convert you to be a fan of his latest Sci-Fi fav (warning: he’s a sucker for the good and really bad), be assured you’re in for an entertaining ride.

Morgan McDaniels

Graphic Designer

Maybe she was born with it, or maybe she’s simply developed some mad design skills from years of hanging around the agency (and/or her degree from ISU). Whatever the reason, there’s one thing we know for certain. Morgan kicks out some seriously awesome designs for our clients. She’s not just in it to make things look pretty, either (although we know she means business when she shows up in her black, pointed-toe Boot Heels). Every design choice she makes – even down to a simple line – helps grab attention and connect with your target market. And if her inspiration boards on Pinterest and Instagram say anything about what is to come… well, let’s just say you should be excited she’s on our team.

Dave Schuette

Graphic Designer/Interactive Specialist

A pro at giving stagnant images motion, Dave works his magic for clients with outstanding Flash animations. From programming rotating images on a home page to designing completely interactive websites like Illinois Soybean’s Pod to Plate (, this 13-year agency veteran is a multimedia master. He’s also got seriously awesome illustration skills and lends his critical eye for detail to every project he does – focusing on the big picture and how everything works together.

Kim Weaver

Senior Copywriter

Known for spinning a tale or two for the merriment of others, Kim brings her refreshing writing style, easy smile and magnetic personality to every account she works on at McDaniels. In fact, one of her main goals when taking on a new project is to tell your story – in as few words as possible – so she can draw readers in without overwhelming them. From out-there creative to professional reports, this 18-year veteran writes as if she’s talking to your customers, rather than at them. She’s also one of our experts on SEO writing, matching her right-brained creativity with the left-brained science of getting more results.

Joli Hohenstein


Full of energy and a strong quest for knowledge, Joli’s spirit and love of the written word is infused in every project she does. From sales-doubling campaigns to writing for bestselling magazines, Joli knows how to craft words with a mighty punch. She helps take our clients to the next level in communications by juggling numerous unique demands and delivering on time and on point. It’s her superpower mom skills at work. And, if you ever see her tearing up miles on the pavement or clocking time on the treadmill, watch out...awesome creative will soon emerge.

Jalyn Prewitt

Creative Copywriter

Fresh out of college and full of ideas, Jalyn is ready to help you take your creative to the next level. Having traveled the world as an Air Force brat growing up, Jalyn uses her vast world-experiences along with her Political Science and English double major to give life and new perspective to everything she writes. She also might be slightly influenced by the cool tunes of Frank Ocean, but who are we to judge what she scribbles in her notebook for creative inspiration. Simply put, Jalyn is already a pro at making things fresh and interesting for her audience. Maybe it was that sink-or-swim training she had at Bradley University when she acted as a tour guide and helped boost social media engagement with prospective students. Or maybe it’s just raw, ready-to-tap talent. Whatever the source, you (like us) will be glad to have her up-for-any-challenge attitude on your team.

Tori Smith

Media & PR Director

Connecting with people. That’s one of the first things Tori will tell you she loves about her job and life in general. Perhaps it comes from her being a product of a six-generation family farming operation in Marshall County. Or maybe it comes from years of helping small businesses and agri-businesses tell their stories through her writing and photography. Whatever the draw, Tori has found that in-depth conversations are the key to meaningful relationships. So when it comes to pitching a news story about your brand or working to get you the best media buys, Tori knows she’s already laid down the roots to help you build a solid network of opportunity and growth. And if you’re ever in need of figuring out how to do more for less, this frugal coupon queen is your go-to resource. Just know that to her, the word coupon will always be pronounced Q-pon… and there’s no changing her mind about it!

Mark Lockett

Website Programmer

Content management systems, database applications, TV commercials... everything Mark touches becomes a work of art. That’s why when we say he’s a jack of all trades, master of many – we aren’t joking around. He knows code... certified in six leading technology facets, including Master CIW and Master eCommerce Designer. He knows function... creating custom websites that are easy to use for over a decade. And, he knows story... effortlessly capturing the essence of your business for effective broadcast and video campaigns. But that’s not all Mark has mastered. He’s also a musician (performing guitar and vocals for his band “The Normals”), with three records and two Dove Award nominations under his belt.

Amanda Hochertz

Digital Marketing Specialist

While Amanda’s competitive nature may have gotten her banned from board games with her friends, it helps her leaps and bounds when it comes to driving results for our clients. That’s because after years of working in retail, the hospitality industry and event management, she’s perfected the art of thinking like consumers. From scouring digital ad content to helping run your latest ad campaign, Amanda will help you push ideas and “question madness” as it relates to your brand. The results? Well, we guarantee they’ll shape up just like her Friday and Saturday nights… never typical and always fun.

Jessica Andress

Digital Marketing Specialist

A dynamic character in our office, Jessica gives you an instant sense of ease and comfort. Her laidback, yet efficient personality makes you feel calm, but confident in her ability to get any task done right—the first time. But, don’t let her quiet disposition fool you! She’s been known to rock out at the karaoke bar, too! Just between us, she calls herself a “Karaoke Rockstar” but we’ll put her to the test and report back on that. In fact, the more you learn about Jessica, the more of a dichotomy she becomes—in the best ways possible! She loves the smells of fresh cut grass and gasoline. She loves the fall, but also vacations under the island sun. And she adores sitting back and enjoying life, while still understanding the power of hard work and client dedication. Plus, she’s likes all types of pasta…and who doesn’t like pasta?

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