Our Process

To give you an idea of how we work, here’s a quick look at our tried-and-true process for helping you take your digital marketing from “just okay” or “good” to “what-just-happened amazing”. 

Six Degrees of an McD Website Build



The analysis phase is strongly guided by input from and discussions with you. During this phase, we will determine what your website will look like, how it will function and what information will be presented.



Our team will then analyze the requirements, along with the desired interactive functions and goals for the website, in greater detail to create a detailed proposal that outlines each requirement and plan for implementation. This plan will include key decisions about navigation and an overall site map that will show the team exactly how many pages of content will be developed and how information is to be organized.



Based on input you provide, our team of award-winning website designers and programmers will design what your website will look like to illustrate what you can expect from the final product. We will present this design for you to review, then use the feedback we receive from you to make any necessary design revisions.



Once the design and site map have been approved, actual development will begin. We will fully develop the programming, create and enter search engine optimized content (if you choose for us to do this step) and provide necessary training for your staff to maintain the website.  You will be kept apprised of the progress throughout the development of your site via e-mails, phone calls and visits.  You can also track the progress of your new website by viewing your development web address! During the development phase, we can also train your staff on adding content and managing the site long term prior to launch so you can hit the ground running!



Once the site is completed, we will rigorously run it through tests on a variety of computer platforms, browsers and browser versions to ensure the design and overall functions of your site will be viewed and perform properly.



Depending on where your website is hosted, the launch phase varies in how long it takes for browsers to see your new site. But rest assured there won’t be any surprises in how your site looks after launch because what you see on the development site is exactly what will appear on your new live site.

How We Measure Success

At the start of your project we identify measurable project goals. These goals are our founding principles when designing your site. We then measure against those goals after deployment to make sure our targets are being hit. Likewise, once your website is launched, we measure your website’s success by monitoring traffic throughout by way of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), and Analytics. We will submit monthly detailed reports which offers incredible insight into your website’s performance and effectiveness.

Ongoing User Experience Mapping

Our user experience mapping is an ongoing process once your website is placed into our development environment. We implement pre-launch testing on various operating systems, internet browsers, and mobile devices to ensure a pleasant and optimal user experience. After the site officially launches, we conduct post browser and responsive testing, broken link checks, as well as site stabilization for following 30 days. Another important element to ensuring an optimized user experience is ongoing monitoring via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well as through digital marketing programs which provide invaluable data through analytics. We also offer a digital focus group comprised of primarily women of varying ages who can review the new website for functionality and communicative effectiveness.

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