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How do I brand my website?

McD Digital offers you a range of website design and development options – all of which allow you to maintain a consistent brand and look that is unique to your business or organization. Even if you chose to go with one of our budget-friendly package solutions, we design a website that is all your own.

We’ll work with you throughout the process... looking at your current marketing materials, talking about what you like and dislike about competitor sites, as well as discussing color schemes, site navigation, website content and  functionality.  The end result? A smart, clean web design that focuses on your overall marketing objectives, engages customers and causes your audience to react. Your custom design will include:

  • New custom design that matches your branding
  • Easy-to-use content management system
  • Improved navigation and user experience
  • Refreshed SEO-enhanced content
  • Responsive tech support and maintenance
  • A team of award-winning writers, designers and strategist that maximizes your results

What if I want to redesign the look of my website but keep how it functions?

Keeping your website looking fresh goes a long way to strengthen your brand. So if you like how your website functions, but simply want to freshen it up to match current trends in the industry, then a website redesign is your solution. Similar to adding a new color of paint to your favorite room in the house, we can help you make changes and edits to your website that will make it look fresh, new and interesting! We don’t even have to do the programming... we can simply work with your current programmers to give you an up-to-date look. Here’s what you can expect to get during a website redesign:

  • Evaluation of your current site
  • New design that matches your brand
  • SEO content analysis and recommendations
  • A team of award-winning writers, designers and strategist that maximizes your results

How do I match our blog or social media pages to my website?

McD Digital also provide our customers with custom blog and social media designs – helping you maintain a consistent, branded look across all online marketing materials. Online videos can also be created to help you build an even more impressive online and interactive presence.

What’s my next step for a new website design?

Learn more about how we can help give your website a fresh, new look – without breaking the budget! Request a free estimate from McD Digital today!

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