Below is a small sample of what your custom Content Management System could do. Keep in mind these functions can be customized to suit your needs. Plus, custom modules can be created and implemented seamlessly.

Modules Included in Your Custom Content Management System

  • File Manager
    Enables you to add/delete files on your site, such as PDFs, Word documents and Excel sheets. Files can then be linked to from any page on your site.
  • Find & Replace
    Searches entire page to find and replace requested words or phrases.
  • Form Builder
    Easily add a custom, single-page form to any page on your site. This module is great for short surveys, gaining customer information and feedback or submitting questions to your business or organization. It also includes CAPTCHA to protect your forms from spam robots. Information submitted can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Image Manager
    Allows photos to be uploaded directly from your computer, then edited, resized and web optimized. This feature saves you considerable time as photos are loaded directly to your website without formatting in Photoshop.
  • Stylesheets
    Controls all text styling aspects of the site including consistency in fonts, colors and spacing.
  • Security & User Manager
    Allows you to add and delete user accounts. Can set user account to have Administrator Access that can change anything within the system or Content Editor Access that can only change content within specified modules. (Note: Packaged options have single-user, secure Administrator Access.)

Popular Standard Modules

  • Alias Manager (SEO)
    Create marketing-ready URLs for better search engine optimization function! This module allows you to add, update and delete alias URLs that can be better used in your marketing communications. For example, if you’re having a special promotion, you can create a URL ( that will take visitors to a page with additional information, instead of using the long URL associated with the page ID.
  • Articles/Reports/Case Studies
    Manage a variety of articles, reports and case studies with the simple click of a button. Categorize articles by topic or view the entire list from the main listing page. All articles are inputted directly into the Editor for quicker views and to eliminate the need for visitors to download files.
  • Calendar of Events
    Easily manage events by category, description and availability. The calendar image can appear on every page of the site for a quick reference to event listings that can be organized via an assortment of variables.
  • Career Center & Job Application
    Quickly post new job opportunities on your website with the Career Center. This module allows visitors to view available jobs by department and position, submit a resume and fill out a multipage application form that can be archived for your HR department.
  • Comments
    Allows visitors to enter a comment about your organization directly from your homepage. Once the comment has been submitted, the website administrator approves or denies the content before it goes live on your site.
  • eCommerce
    Set up secure forms such as Bill Pay or Online Donations that can deposit money directly into your bank account securely from your website.
  • FAQs
    Allows visitors to submit a question that can be answered by your organization and then posted to your website. Your staff also can preset questions and answers.
  • Marketing Manager
    Keep your site fresh with new messages at each page load. This module allows you to feature one main image/ad and multiple quick ads on designated pages. These ads link to areas throughout your site or off site should you choose. Each ad also allows you to set a start and end date for no-reminder maintenance. A great tool for making landing pages!
  • Media Center
    Access your online media library for press releases, presentations, newsletters, press images, videos, audio files, documents and more. Each media listing is categorized by type and appears as its own page on your website.
  • Online Store
    Easily display products in categories and subcategories. Module includes a shopping cart feature and checkout with secure credit card processing.
  • Photo Gallery
    Set up a slide show of events, construction projects or specialties you wish to showcase. This module is so easy to use as it automatically sizes and web optimizes the photos for you, creates thumbnails and a clickable slideshow view for your visitors. Captions and photo titles also are included to further enhance your visitors’ experiences.
  • Portal
    Sets up an external, password-protected site for your employees for information specific to them. Can include any custom modules needed.
  • Printer-Friendly/Email Pages
    Allow users to take helpful information away from their computer screens by giving the option to cleanly print content-area text and images.
  • Specials
    Promote current specials using this module. Includes a short listing that can be sorted by category as well as a detailed description.
  • Testimonials
    Let visitors know what others are saying about your organization. Testimonials are entered directly into the Editor. Module also includes an auto-size image function.

Healthcare Specific Modules

  • Bill Viewing
    Allow patients to view their bill online with our Flash-based module. 
  • Newborn Center
    Let families show off their newest additions with our newborn module.  Newborns are listed by arrival date along with a small photo that enlarges with a single click. A password protected listing is also available upon request.
  • Online Billing
    Sets up a secure forms such as Bill Pay that can deposit money directly into a single bank account securely from your website. Patient puts their account number into a secured SSL form along with the amount to pay. Allows patient to print their receipt and also emails receipt to hospital as notification of payment.
  • Online Donations
    A secure online form that allows visitors to send a donation online to the hospital or organization. Visitors and hospital both receive confirmation of submission. This module can also be customized for races, events and donor building.
  • Order Flowers
    Allows visitors to send flowers with a simple click of a button.  Module includes choice of flowers, a shopping cart feature and checkout with secure credit card processing.
  • Patient Registration
    Make registration for your patients simple by placing registration forms online.  Forms are printable from Admin and can be archived for records.
  • Physician Directory
    Allows you to add, update, delete and insert a photo for each physician.  Your list is categorized and searchable by specialty and location. The details page for each physician is templated as a bio sheet
  • Request Appointment
    Online form allows patients to request appointments on their own time.  Also prompts patients to include a call back time that the hospital can contact them to verify the appointment.
  • Send a Greeting
    Visitors can choose from 6 pre-programmed headers and footers to send a greeting. Message content is typed in by the visitor and then sent to the designated email address to print and deliver to patients.
  • Volunteer Recruitment
    Post volunteer opportunities just like standard job listings.  Once the form is submitted, it will be emailed to the designated volunteer coordinator.

Tourism Specific Modules

  • Destination Directory
    Features hotels, restaurants, attractions, parks, golf courses, etc. Includes a destination description, address, phone number, logo and photos. Visitors can search specific categories for a short listing of all similar destinations as well as click on specific attractions for detailed information.
  • Itinerary Builder
    Allows visitors to select items from your Destination Directory and add them to their wish list. Can also include an optional map function, giving directions between all points of interests.

Custom Modules
If you can dream it, chances are our team can design and program it! If there is another module or feature you would like plugged into your site, we can custom build it to meet your organization’s needs. We also have the ability to integrate most third-party modules (i.e., health information subscriptions, blogs, etc.).

Request a free consultation for our Content Management Systems or contact us today to talk about taking your website to the next level.

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