CMS Solutions

If you can dream it, McD Digital can build it.

Our Content Management Systems (CMS) can give life to any creative design or website need – and we work with your budget to make your vision a reality. Plus, with easy drag-and-drop features, you can update and make changes to your site in minutes. Don’t worry, if you’re not sure how to do it. Our digital experts will walk you through short training session that will have you working like a CMS pro in no time.

McD Content Management Solutions

Now you need to choose which the type of CMS will work best for your business or organization. Would a WordPress website be best, or should you go with the McD CMS? Regardless of your choice, here are a few things all of our websites are guaranteed to get:  

  • A web-based content management system. WordPress websites and McD CMS websites can be updated from anywhere as long as you have your secure log-in and an internet connection.
  • Responsive design. With a majority of traffic coming from mobile devises these days, you need to make sure your website looks great on any screen. WordPress and the McD CMS both deliver again.
  • Current programming languages. Your site also needs to be compatible with current technologies, so all of our website solutions feature that latest programming language.
  • Simple navigation. We aim to create the best user-experiences for your business. Both WordPress and the McD CMS give us the freedom to design the site and navigation in a way that is best suited for your overall marketing goals.
  • Keyword rich, needs-based content that’s easy to find. We deliver great content even if you choose to work in a content management system outside of what we offer.

Now let’s look at the difference between CMS solutions to see which is the best fit for your project!


WordPress: A Cost-Effective Website Solution

Ideal for sites of mid-level complexity, WordPress can provide an easy-to-use cost-effective solution for most small-to-mid-size websites.

Even if the name isn’t familiar, the odds are you’ve encountered a WordPress website before.  As of January 2018, this popular content management system is used by 29.4% of the top 10 million websites worldwide.  Highly customizable, WordPress sites can vary their core functionality and appearance through the use of themes and can add additional functionality through a library of over 50,000 plugins.  Our web development team will leverage their experience and expertise in WordPress development to bring you a site that you’ll be proud to call your own.


McD CMS: A Robust System that Does It All

Ideal for even the most complex of websites. The McD CMS is highly customizable through the use of custom-developed modules that can handle all of your online business functions.

There are websites and there are websites – and they’re not all created equal.  The MCD Content Management System is custom-built command center for managing your website functions. From large-scale enterprises to networks of related sites, the McD CMS can do it all.  Multiple content editors on your team can manage and create content with varying levels of access.  You can also manage multiple websites within the same CMS from a single login, create and update pages quickly and confidently, and develop and maintain custom employee or customer portals to grant users access to only the information they need.

The MCD CMS is also highly customizable through the use of custom-developed modules that can handle all of your online business functions.  Your website will no longer be just a simple source of information. These modules will transform your website into a functional extension of your marketing team.  You can manage everything from event registrations, job postings, event calendars, and online bill payments—and that’s just the beginning. 

Here’s a list of some of the more popular modules our clients are using. We also offer custom modules tailored to healthcare, insurance, travel/tourism, agriculture and finance.

  • Marketing Module
  • Media Library
  • Career Center
  • Event Calendar
  • Event Registration
  • Custom Locators
  • Customer Portal/Extranet
  • Product Manager
  • Online Bill Pay/Donations
  • And many more…

What to expect during your website build

Our web development will work with you throughout the entire process. We’ll identify your specific needs and carefully craft the site structure and custom modules.  You’ll be actively engaged throughout the entire process and when the build is complete, you’ll finally be able to sit down and say “I love my website”.  So, what are you waiting for?  Your current website isn’t going to fix itself.  Let McD Digital take your site to the next level!

Ready to take your website to the next level?

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