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Having a mobile version of your website or a mobile application can improve the way you communicate with your target audiences. For example, an effective mobile website may allow people to:

  • Find contact information EASILY
  • Sign up for a class
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Pay a bill
  • Visit Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media sites for your news, videos and updates
  • Network with others about a special event or announcement
  • Apply for a position
  • Respond to an eblast

Phones today are used for so much more than talking. They’re handheld computers that connect to the internet, engage in social media, upload videos, play music and so much more. But making your site as user friendly as possible is one thing... making sure it is available and user-friendly on a mobile platform is another.

How McD Digital Takes Your Website Mobile

Our philosophy for mobile websites is this... we keep it simple. Your mobile site shouldn’t be a simple mirror of your website. It should be streamlined with only your most important information displayed clearly so visitors can easily define their choices. Ask yourself the following questions to help determine what to include on your mobile site. 


  • What are they doing on your site?
  • Why are they accessing the website at that particular time?
  • What are they most likely to have an interest in?
  • What are they unlikely to have an interest in?
  • What do they want or need to do

Keep in mind that the goals of mobile visitors are often vastly different from those sitting at a desk, and you can also provide links to your full website so those looking for more information have immediate access to it.

Request a free consultation for taking your site mobile or improving its function.  We can also help you increase website traffic through strategic online marketing.

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