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Packaged vs. Custom:
Is it for You?

For some businesses (especially those who are looking to stretch marketing dollars), a packaged content management system is the way to go. The good news is that with our exclusive mid-level web development package, you still get a custom web design that adheres specifically to your established brand. Take a look at the following websites that utilize our packaged option – giving our clients an affordable content management solution, yet still allowing for a unique, branded design.

How do packaged content mangement systems differ?

The difference between a custom website and our packaged websites is that the programming is already established based on package you choose. For example, if the package you chose has a top, horizontal navigation, your site will feature that as well. You still get many of the functions that are custom sites offer, we're just saving you dollars on the programming end. Here are some of the functions you can expect from a packaged content management system, plus you have the ability to add custom modules such as form builder and a calendar of events at an additional charge.

  • Edit, cut, copy and paste content
  • Undo and redo changes
  • Create tables
  • Insert special character(s)
  • Bold, italicize and underline text
  • Justify paragraph alignment - left, center and right
  • Insert bullets and numbering
  • Use style sheets
  • Adjust font color and highlighting
  • Create links and anchors
  • Insert images and videos
  • Link PDFs
  • Create search engine friendly URLs

Proven, Off-the-Shelf Content Management Systems

Due to budget limitations, some of our clients prefer to go with our most affordable package, which is an off-the-shelf solution.  Although these systems are more limited than McD Digital CMS products, it still allows us to customize your design template and build the site in quick fashion. This frees up time and energy for content enhancements and graphic development by our staff, while still keeping the cost to a minimum.

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