PPC Advertising

The world’s greatest website is only effective if people know it’s there.

Sometimes, even the greatest SEO optimized website needs a little help. Because let’s be honest… there’s a lot of competition out there. So you add Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising to the mix to help drive more traffic to your site. But before you rush forward and throw dollars at a program, it’s good to understand the basics about how it all works.

Understanding the basics of PPC

Pay-per-Click advertising comes in two forms: Search and Display. Search ads catch users based on their specific search queries. Display ads are more like digital billboards that will appear on webpages across the internet, triggered by a user’s specific search history, or page content.  Each type of ad connects with consumers at different points in the buying funnel—and can help to influence purchase decisions. 

McD Digital believes clients should only pay for actual results

All of our digital ad campaigns are run on a pay-per-click basis. Advertisers aren’t billed when an ad is displayed, but rather only when an internet user clicks on that ad and is directed to your landing page.  Because this is highly trackable, these ads offer a truly cost-effective pay-for-performance method of reaching future clients. 

Proven results, relevant leads, detailed reporting

From Google AdWords to YouTube to Bing to native placements, McD Digital will help place your PPC ads where your future clients are putting their attention.  So take the guesswork out of placing a PPC ad and hoping it works… McD Digital is here to help you succeed. Who could ask for anything more?

Ready to get boost your PPC leads and results?

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