Social Media

People gather to share stories. 

No matter how far back in history you go, people have always come together to share stories and exchange information. Whether it’s around a campfire, a pool table, or a water cooler, conversation is going on all around us. In the digital age, this sharing of stories and information can literally take place anywhere thanks to the multitude of social media platforms available. For businesses, it’s not so much a matter of if people are talking about your organization as much as it is what people are saying.  So, isn’t it better to be part of the discussion rather than just the topic?

McD Digital helps you join the social media conversation.

McD Digital can help you shape your content into something that social users actually want to engage with.  From short animations and image posts to helping turn your blog articles into a month’s worth of content for multiple platforms – we do it all.  You won’t just be focusing on channel likes anymore—you’ll be getting real top-quality engagement that will keep your content relevant in individual feeds! 

What McD social media clients can expect.

First, we’re with you every step of the way – from planning to deployment. We’ll work with your marketing department to discern your social media goals, determine tactical objectives, and deliver a customized executable strategy.  We’ll also provide full ROI reporting and strategic observations on how to better maximize the effectiveness of your engagement.  We also provide social media paid ad buying to give your content an additional boost when needed and can even help you monitor the conversation happening about your brand.  Here’s are few more things you can expect from us:

  • Campaign Development
  • Content Creation
  • Strategy Coaching
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Insights & ROI

Expand your social media reach and soar

Don’t just settle for copying links to other people’s content and posting flyers online.  McD Digital serves as an extension of your own social media team—expanding your capabilities and extending your reach across your chosen platforms.  Here’s a look at the top social media channels you can engage on (and they’re just the tip of the iceberg) and how each can be used in your marketing strategy.

Facebook. The Legend. The Trailblazer. The Facebook. Facebook is where this all began, and though the playing field has grown, Facebook is still at the front of the pack. Unbeatable potential for exposure, opportunities to host contests, distribute content, and engage in conversation with customers make Facebook a necessity for the successful marketing strategy.

Twitter. Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a conversation about your brand? Oh happy day, Twitter’s made that possible. No longer are you doomed to be a faceless organization. Twitter gives you the opportunity to see how you’re being talked about and positioned. More than that, Twitter gives you a personality and a voice to remind the world that there are real people behind your organization.

Instagram. Instagram is visually focused. Users can utilize Instagram to take, edit, and post photos instantly to other social media platforms. As part of a marketing strategy, it allows customers to stay in the know about what your company is doing, products, and anything else still enough for a picture. It’s an instantaneous means of promotion, and compliments other social media components.

YouTube. Offering easily consumable content, YouTube delivers videos on demand to viewers. At 2.9 billion hours spent on YouTube per month, there’s a lot of opportunity for your content to be reached by viewers and go viral. Ability to share, link, and piggy back off other videos by using keywords make this an appealing marketing tactic. And if that’s not enough, these videos can be embedded easily into your website to increase time spent on your pages.

Pinterest. Quickly becoming one of the largest social media sites, Pinterest provides users the opportunity to share infographics, pictures of work, and any number of visual content, linking to the corporate owner. The ability to share content easily by “pinning” to a related “board” will drive traffic to your Pinterest page and ultimately your website. For industries such as tourism, Pinterest is an ideal media.

LinkedIn. No one bests LinkedIn in B2B marketing. This gives B2B companies the chance to deliver content, right to its target audience.  Career search and networking at its finest.

Ready to get more social media engagement?

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