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Are you using your website as a business tool?

There are two key components to any good website design: form & function. While what you did in 2007 may have worked great at the time, you can’t tell users that your business is a dynamic, cutting-edge company if your website is stuck in a time warp. A lot changes in 10+ years. So unless you’re specializing in “all things retro”, ask yourself if your website follows these four trends moving forward: Is it clean, modern, and engaging? And are you able to use it as a complete business tool?

McD Digital starts with form (and mobile). 

The first step to making sure your website is a true business tool, we have to look at how it plays on mobile. More than half of your web traffic will come from mobile… and that number continues to grow every year. That’s why when we design our websites, mobile is always at the forefront.

We find out your end goal and bring everything to life

Our team will also asks a series of questions to get down to what is best for your business. Some things we look at when designing your website are: How should the design make the user feel? What is the tone and mood it evokes?  How will it connect with the target audience?  What are we truly wanting them to do when they visit the website? And, is there a need for video?  Then we get to work and create a custom design that lives and breathes.  From color choices to content and layout, font to iconography—every element is strategically crafted and purposefully placed in order to create a user experience that invites interaction on any device.

Yes, we actually write content.

Content is key to getting visitors to come back. Thankfully, our proven team of writers know how to tell your story!  We’ll also keep your website in peak condition by using proven SEO techniques. And we’ll drive customers to learn more by crafting keyword-rich landing pages that make your PPC ads work even better. But content isn’t just limited to the text on your website. Videos, blogs, articles, enewsletters, email marketing, press releases and more are all great ways to draw your target market in, drive them to your website and build a strong relationship as an expert in your industry

Website refreshes to custom builds, McD can help.

McD Digital can also step in and help regardless of where you are at in the process. We can create a custom website from scratch, update an existing site for you or help you keep your website current with regular scheduled maintenance. We’ll even teach you how to make live updates to your own website with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop page builder that anyone can use. You don’t have to sacrifice form for function. You deserve to have something truly amazing.

Ready to step your web design and content up a notch?

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